Ferrari oil consumption cleared up by the FIA

Ferrari oil consumption cleared up by the FIA – The FIA has clarified how oil may be consumed by F1 cars.

Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda had said the FIA needed to urgently clarify “grey areas”, including a rumour Ferrari illegally consumes oil via the turbo.

This followed a formal letter to the FIA, in which Mercedes asked Charlie Whiting if the 0.6kg per 100km oil consumption limit applied to the turbo.

“Yes,” said Whiting.

However, Auto Motor und Sport reports that despite the FIA clarification, Ferrari does not, in fact, need to modify their power unit.

“Questions about the battery remain,” the report added, “but it should be clarified over the course of the weekend.”

Sebastian Vettel said at Monaco: “There are always rumours. I trust Ferrari.

“I also trust the FIA that they would intervene if there was something they didn’t like.”

The Ferrari battery mystery

The Ferrari divides its energy storage in half and is the only team to do this, therefore giving two outputs. This is not punishable as long as never more than four megajoules of energy per lap and 120 kilowatts of power (163 hp) are fed into the system. This is measured with an FIA homologated sensor at the output of the battery.

After a tip from Mercedes, the FIA in Baku and Barcelona showed performance charts and checked the Ferrari battery. The point was that under certain conditions the sensor could be bypassed so that it does not measure excess power.

The claim from the other teams is that Ferrari has a sudden burst of power of 20 hp in Baku in qualy. This power can bring three-tenths advantage in lap times. Barcelona, however, Ferrari would have mobilized no extra power. But everyone in the circus was already warned as the first battery checks were already in Baku.

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