Red Bull launch attack on Renault

Red Bull launch attack

Redbull’s Christian Horner launched an attack on Renault after Max Verstappen’s Red Bull suffered the teams eighth DNF of the season at the Hungaroring. Verstappen retired from fifth on lap sixth at the Hungaroring with a failed MGU-k and clearly wasn’t happy over the radio.

The underpowered Renault engine has been a source of frustration for the Red bull team, but more so the reliability, with  Ricciardo retiring in Austria and Germany with similar issues in recent weeks.

Max had a good start to the race as he climbed to fifth off the line, but any hope of chasing down the Ferraris was soon gone as he had the failure.

Verstappen ranted furiously over team radio: “What a fucking joke all the fucking time with this shit, honestly!”

Speaking on the pit-wall mid-race, Christian Horner told Sky Sports: “Sometimes words betray you. It’s cruel luck for Max. It’s an engine issue. I suppose no surprise, really.

“I’m not going to get drawn into saying too much, but we pay multi millions of pounds for these engines for a first class or state-of-the-art product and you can see that it’s quite some way below that.”

Verstappen echoed his boss in laying the blame on Renault’s after Red Bull suffered a third engine-related DNF in four races.

“Yeah I think from both sides Danny and me honestly it’s just not at all how it should be,” he told Sky.

“You pay millions as a team for a decent engine but it keeps breaking down, and you accept that. We’re also the slowest out there it’s at the moment difficult to accept.

“I was very angry at the radio I think there was a lot of beeping. It’s a shame they beeped it, they should have allowed it.”




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