Watch A Hilarious Angry Aussie On F1 Trademarking The Shoey

Trademarking The Shoey

As we all have heard recently F1 have trademarked the shoey.

The hilarious guy in the video says that the trademarking of the shoey has insulted him as an Australian and as a person and if you don’t know what a shoey is, then grow up.

He goes on to say:

“it’s been a part of Australian culture for years and years, then Formula One decided to f**king trademark it”

The guy is very passionate about the shoey and stated he has been doing them for fifteen years and has even written a song about doing a shoey.

Watch the video until the end where he even has his own ‘shoey’ mugs, honey and not one to leave the ladies but he also has something for you too.



Formula One trademarks the ‘shoey’


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