Watch Vettel Crash into Hamilton – Baku 2017

Vettel crashes into Hamilton Baku 2017

Cast your mind to Baku 2017… Lewis Hamilton was in the lead with Vettel behind him in second place following the safety car on Lap 20. As Hamilton slows to let the safety car get ahead, Vettel then collides with the rear of Hamilton Mercedes.

Vettel can then be heard on the radio saying:

“He brake tested me, what the f*** is going on?”

Then, the 29-year-old German, furiously gesticulating with both hands, pulled alongside his rival, before inexplicably ramming into the side of Hamilton’s Mercedes.

Hamilton reported back to his Mercedes pit wall, “Vettel literally came alongside and hit me,”

The most shocking thing about the incident was the stewards decided that the behaviour only deserved a ten second stop-go penalty, to which Vettel replied,

“When did I do dangerous driving?”

Perhaps he took a little knock to head in the incident and couldn’t remember deliberately ramming Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton said after the race that ‘it sets a precedent in Formula One, it also does for all the kids watching all us Formula One drivers, drive and conduct ourselves, “They have seen today how a multiple four-time world champion behaves and hopefully it doesn’t ripple into the younger categories”

The other remarkable thing was that Lance Stroll finished on the podium.

Watch the video of the crash.

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