Mercedes selfish over 2019 rule changes – Marko

Mercedes selfish over 2019 rule changes – Marko – Red Bull official Dr Helmut Marko has said that Mercedes backed the rule changes for 2019 as they suit them but hurt rivals.

Traditionally teams struggle to agree on such changes. A lot was surprised when the changes that feature a different front wing that should aid overtaking, were voted through by teams.

Auto Motor und Sport claims that Mercedes and Force India only submitted their ‘yes’ votes 15 minutes before the deadline.

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“Actually we were 60 against it and 40 for it. Then we looked at the concept and saw that it made sense. You can’t always veto,” said team boss Toto Wolff.

Red Bull’s Marko sees another reason why Mercedes would agree to the change.

“Mercedes wanted the new rules because they’re at the end with their aerodynamic concept. They want to start from scratch because it hurts us,” he said.

F1 Agrees 2019 Rule Changes To Aid Overtaking



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